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The history and overview of the Wing Ding event…

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) was founded by Paul Hildebrand and Shirley
Stevens – Garcia in 1977, and is celebrating 40 years of friendship focused on fun, safety, and
knowledge. Gold Wing Road Riders Association has a world outreach, with members in every
state, and internationally in many countries! GWRRA provides safety, technical, and educational
services to it’s Members worldwide. GWRRA is recognized as the world’s largest single
– marquee motorcycle association.


The first Wing Ding event was held in Phoenix, Arizona (home of GWRRA’s Headquarters) in
1978. Wing Ding is a traveling event, hosted by different cities each year. Having new riding
destinations allows the membership diverse experiences each year. The opening of the tradeshow
doors is always the highlight of the event!


We welcome your Sponsorship efforts for this great event and will readily promote your business
to the membership base…before, during, and after the event! Wing Ding is a natural
choice if you seek to increase your market share or brand recognition in the touring market!




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