Class Descriptions:

Co-Rider: Completion of this Seminar is a component of the Rider Education Levels Program

GWRRA Module Do You Have a Minute?: Suggestions and role play on giving feedback on any subject.

GWRRA Module Dangerous Epidemic: Dealing with Distracted Drivers

GWRRA Module You’ve Got Mail: Email Etiquette

Team Riding: The benefits of team riding, planning and conduct of a team ride

GWRRA Module Just Add Spice: Adding Fun to Gatherings (socials)

GWRRA Module Only Sugar Melts in the Rain (Instructed in French): Riding in the rain

Riding Mountains, Hills, Curves: What to expect and how to prepare

GWRRA Module This One’s For the Girls: Women in Leadership Roles (not just for women)

GWRRA Module Retention is Important: Helpful information on retaining Members

GWRRA Module Talk to the Elephant: Information on how to deal with difficult conversations

GWRRA Module A View From the Rear: Riding from a Co-Riders perspective

GWRRA Module More Members, Like Taking Candy from a Baby: Recruitment

GWRRA Module When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Riding in the Heat

GWRRA Module On the Level & My RE: Rider Ed Levels Program and how to navigate My RE

GWRRA Module Can You Hear Me Now?: Communication

GWRRA Module Checks ‘N Balances: Chapter Finances